Home Schoolers’ Art Program Offered in Cavan

Barn Owl in charcoal

The Home Schoolers Art Program began last month at the Cavan Art Gallery & Academy.  It has been a glint in the eyes of the Director, artist Valerie Kent, who has wanted to do this program for some time, and now it is a reality.   Every week there is a different project where various skills associated are incorporated in the works.  Skills are developed through the images the students create.

The first week the group worked on owls, creating lovely realistic owls drawn in their sketch pads, first in pencil and then with coloured markers.  The students then moved on to painting a colourful, playful owl in acrylic paint on canvas.  Tucked into the assignment was a lesson on drawing skills using shapes to guide the way to seeing images.

This week the students will experience mono printing and have made their requests for the images they wish to print.  Next will come projects in sculpture and painting in various mediums on many kinds of supports, including cradled birch panels, canvas boards, and for a change, T-shirts.

The age group at the moment is 7 through 12 years and other age groups can be accommodated.  The program is offered on Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and parents can sign their children up for 5 weeks or 10 weeks.  Because each week is a freestanding lesson by itself, it’s not too late to sign up.  Gallery owner and program leader Valerie Kent has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Fine Arts and has many years of teaching experience with the Toronto District School Board, several Ontario colleges, Trent University  and through private adult classes.    She welcomes anyone to come to the gallery for a tour and to obtain more information.   Visit the gallery website at www.www.cavan-arts.com.

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