Happy Thanksgiving?

Monday’s news was disappointing.  It seems we are letting our guard down, and it’s coming back to bite us.  Experts say part of the problem is the delay in the appearance of those consequences.  We’re used to immediate feedback, but it takes roughly two weeks for the impact of actions to appear because of the lag between a new infection, the arrival of symptoms, the testing and the receipt of the results.   It’s also easy to think that the risk is not relevant to us until we know someone who has the virus.

Active cases within the Peterborough Public Health region stood at 11 as of Monday evening, up from six reported last Wednesday.  The virus currently has a reported effective reproduction rate of 1.4, meaning it will continue to grow if not controlled.

Mask-haters think the issue is over-blown, as most people who contract the virus will eventually get better.  Officials aren’t worried about the minor cases of the illness – they are worried about protecting the health care system, and hospitals, in particular.  Hospital admissions for COVID in the province doubled last week, before those new cases joined the fray.

So wear your mask with pride.  It’s not an indicator of your acquiescence to the powers-that-be, but a testament to your commitment to protecting the community that you love. Happy Thanksgiving.  KG

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