Grade One Virtual Classroom Pet

Millbrook South Cavan students in Mrs. Armstrong’s grade one class have been meeting virtually with the Peterborough zoo once a week for the past five weeks.

The zoo offered a virtual pet program and our class chose a rabbit. In the last couple of weeks we also visited a Chameleon and Bearded Dragon.  On our last visit, Zoo Program Supervisor Cathy Mitchell took us on a tour of the zoo outdoors.  We visited the camel, lynx, box turtle, and boa constrictor. This was very exciting for students!  Students enjoyed learning facts from Cathy who fielded lots of questions from curious students!  Two students wrote about what they learned about a rabbit named Marv.

Delaney C.  (7 years old)

It was interesting to hear that rabbits eat dogwood. Marv the rabbit’s favourite food is Kale. His nose twitches when he is excited but when he is used to you his nose doesn’t really twitch at all.

He has a bunny bungalow and a tube to play in. He is a lionhead rabbit. The people at the zoo think he is 4 years old.  Sometimes we see different things like lizards, water dragons and snakes.

Remi D. (6 years old)

Marv is a lion head rabbit. He was a pet but for some reason he is now at the Peterborough Zoo. He is cute. He has a bunny bungalow.

Alexis K. (6 years old)

Marv was shy when we first met him.  He was hiding in his box.

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