Generous Legacy Gift Expands Outdoor Fitness Options

Photo Karen Graham.
The concrete pad is ready for the installation of six pieces of outdoor fitness equipment donated as a legacy gift form the Millbrook branch of the Orange Lodge.

It didn’t take long for township staff to take up the generous legacy gift from The Millbrook Orange Lodge.

The organization’s representatives, Robert Packman and Debbie Worr contacted the township to direct funds to enhance the current CMCC recreation facilities.  Last week the concrete pad was poured to allow the installation of a variety of outdoor equipment primarily for users thirteen years and older which will be installed in the next few weeks.

The gift meets the organization’s objective of supporting the community in a significant way that contributes to family, health and wellbeing for community members.  The township received the offer of support at the end of August and moved quickly.  Outdoor recreation is particularly appreciated during the pandemic which limits many other athletic options.

A quote for the purchase and installation of outdoor fitness equipment was obtained from ABC Recreation, which built the existing playground at the CMCC.  The donation will be used to purchase a variety of equipment including a Cardio Stepper, a squat press, and elliptical, a hand cycler, balance steps and a Chest/Back Press.

The total cost of the project is $63,401.20, which includes the installation of the concrete pad.  The donation covers the entire cost of the equipment, which totals $50,751.20.  The remaining $14,294.50 will be funded from the capital account.

This donation will be appreciated by members of the community for years to come, and we thank you.  KG

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