Free Parenting Seminar at North Cavan Public School


Principal Martin Twiss is excited about the upcoming seminar entitled “Building Resilient Families” that his school is hosting on the evening of June 12th.  This free event will provide parents and caregivers with a wealth of information designed to answer some common questions and provide expert insight into some of the important and complex issues facing families today.

The evening begins with an address from keynote speaker Ann Douglas who will bring her considerable expertise to the event.  A well-known parenting expert with CBC radio and CHEX-TV  and author of the book Parenting Through the Storm, Ann will offer parenting strategies, advocating and coping skills as well as some stress management beginning in the school gym starting just after 7 pm.  Attendees will then choose two of four thirty-minute breakout workshops focusing on specific parenting issues including anxiety, healthy eating, internet safety, and resiliency skills.

Kawartha Pine Ridge School Board Counselor Joe Hadzi will lead a workshop entitled Anxiety in Children and Youth – What is normal and what is not?  He will offer tips on helping families cope with stress.  In another workshop, Constable Grant Eastwood of the Peterborough Police Service will discuss internet safety and drug use to help parents understand how these can impact mental health and offer advice on how to keep kids safe.  Another workshop will focus on food, as Luisa Magalhaes, a Dietician from Peterborough Public Health,  provides a food demonstration promoting cooking with kids, offering easy recipes and describing the benefits of cooking together and eating together as a family.  The focus will be on introducing small changes to improve mental and physical wellbeing without adding more work to parents’ busy lives. The final workshop will focus on children’s stress and will be led by KPRSC Counselor Leslie Walberg-Hegan.

Healthy light refreshments will be available at the back of the gym and child minding support will be available in the school library during the event.  Funding for the event was provided by a Ministry of Education outreach grant secured by North Cavan’s parent Council and the event is open to anyone in the area.  Join other families at 7 pm on June 12th for a unique opportunity to learn more about these contemporary parenting issues from local experts.  KG


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