Fall into a New Book!

Check out the new book and DVD arrivals at the CMLibraries!

If you are short on time you can request holds through our online catalogue. If you require assistance with using our online catalogue our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you. Call or email to book a one-on-one session.

As our community continues to grow and expand we invite families to join our outdoor activities as a way to get to know their community and other families. We offer fun programming that is tied to skill development. Our Mini Mathematicians this month will be working on activities that will help to develop the ability to listen to multi-step directions, gross motor skills, and help them to identify and expand patterns. Can you follow this pattern? Stomp, Clap, Jump! What comes next?

Our Literacy Tip of the Month for young readers focuses on the importance of repetition. Building a reading brain takes a lot of work! Reading starts in the womb, where rhythms and patterns are first experienced. Help the littles in your life build a reading brain. This month’s tip focuses on repetition. Repeated reading, or reciting nursery rhymes helps children to tune their ear to different sounds, acquire vocabulary, and make connections between words. Go ahead and read that board book for the millionth time!

Our Community Threads Club is making a comeback!

Participants can bring their WIPs (work in progress), or join in on this Project of the Month (dishcloth – try different stitches, or something simple for beginners). Participants must be double vaccinated, masked and remain distanced during the meetup. Some supplies are available.

As always there are more details and activities available in our monthly newsletter, available in print format at your local branch or on our website.

For more information follow our Facebook page (@cavanmonaghanlibraries), our website: cmlibraries.ca or call your local branch (Bruce Johnston Branch: 705.741.1253, Millbrook Branch: 705.932.2919).

By Melanie Crouch, Coordinator of Programming, Partnerships and Outreach, CM Libraries

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