Educating a New Generation of Beekeepers

Photo Karen Graham.
Members of the Kawartha Junior Beekeepers Program examine a hive as they learn to manage their own beehive through a program delivered through in-class and hands-on sessions, as well as field trips led by experienced beekeepers.

The Kawartha Junior Beekeepers Program was established in 2017 and is a hands-on program for children aged 9 to 14 years who are interested in learning about beekeeping. The program follows the beekeepers’ year – from equipment preparation to honey harvesting.  Each month, from February to October, the students learn to be stewards of their own beehive by putting into practice concepts they learn in the classroom.  In class, they learn about pollination, bee biology and pest management.  At the hive, they observe and identify bees, split colonies and monitor the progress and health of the hive. Monthly sessions are held on Saturday mornings and are taught by experienced beekeepers, with guest speakers and field trips rounding out the program.   An information night for parents and children will be held at Hunnabees Honey & Co., 1331 Zion Line, Millbrook at the end of January.  For more details about the information session and the program in 2020, visit the website –

By Lenka Petric

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