Editorial – September – Keep those letters coming!



I take great pleasure in receiving letters- it means the paper is being useful by providing a forum for the community to talk about their. Besides, it leaves less room for the editorial, which is always the most difficult piece to write. You may recall I didn’t ask for this position…With a record five letters to the editor, what else is there to say? Some people should grow up and get over themselves (thank you Sheila Duncan), we can’t afford a $5 million fire station (we all agree, Dave – see the Council column on that topic), our business owners and local volunteers deserve some applause for putting on another fabulous event in town (yes they do, Judy-Anne Tumbler and Nancy Fallis) and finally the provincial energy policy is failing Ontario residents in many ways (we hear you, Laurie Scott). But sorry, Brennan, yes, the heat IS that bad. Let me work out in a pool! But fall is coming, I’m told. I can hardly wait! KG

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