Doors Open June 9th for the Annual Open House at Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden

Photo Andy Harjula.
Pictured is the baby Buddha which greets visitors at the entrance to the Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Bethany. Behind it is the Happy Buddha, which weighs 127 tons and made the journey to Canada in 72 pieces and was reassembled on site. Apparently the statue is so high it requires a red aviation light to warn aircraft to keep clear.

Once again the Cham Shan Buddhist Temple in Bethany will host its annual public Open House on Sunday, June 9th from 10 am to 2pm.  Due to ongoing construction on this massive project, access to various locations at the site changes each year.  There will be very restricted access to some of the facilities at this event to accommodate significant construction activities that are facing tight timelines to complete before the arrival of winter.

Staff and volunteers will be on hand at the Information Booth inside the main entrance gate, near the Happy Buddha to direct visitors and provide background information about the massive project.

Much work has been completed since the original ground breaking ceremony in May 2011 and new milestones are reached.  This fall, the organization is planning a second public Open House in October where they will deliver a Blessing Ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Main Buddha Temple, which is the large wooden temple on top of the Main Dharma Building. KG


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