Don’t Miss Your Chance!

Photo supplied.
The Millbrook & Cavan Historical Society partners with Cavan-Monaghan Libraries through CEO Karla Buckborough to dedicate space for exhibits that highlight the talents and interests of the past. The cabinet originally displayed haberdashery items at Fowler¹s Menswear on King Street East in the Wood and Kells Block, and was restored by Peter Ramsay.
Peter and Anne Ramsay plan and arrange the exhibits.

Just a reminder that the display of rare carpentry tools in the Historical Society cabinet at the Millbrook branch of the Cavan-Monaghan Library will soon be replaced. It is nearing the time when Peter and Anne Ramsay set to work on assembling a collection of vintage toys and Christmasy curios to fascinate and delight all ages.  The current display includes a rare collection of tools that belonged to Walter Nicholls, a carpenter-journeyman who settled in the Millbrook area at the beginning of the 20th century.  Some of the tools date from 1850.

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