Don’t Fall Victim to Fraud


The Peterborough Police are reminding residents of the frequency and ferocity of scams in our neighbourhood, suggesting no matter how sophisticated we might be, we are all potential targets. One of the most intimidating fronts used by scammers is to suggest that they represent the Canada Revenue Agency.

Crime prevention is one of the five core functions of policing in the province, and last August the Peterborough Police Service introduced a post card program funded in part by the Peterborough Northumberland Crime Stoppers organization. These postcards provide vital information to help residents identify fraud attempts and provide contact information for those who receive scam phone calls using the name of this agency. They hope to get this crucial message directly into people’s hands and into their homes to prevent any further victimization. These postcards can also be mailed to a friend or loved one who may benefit from the messaging. They remind us to never make assumptions about who can fall prey to a scam, as anyone can be the next victim. KG

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