Council Establishes Noise By-Law

Cavan Monaghan has always operated without a noise by-law addressing noise-related complaints as they arose.  Last month, at the suggestion of Chief Building Official Kyle Phillips, the township adopted an official noise by-law to enable staff to address complaints that have been steadily increasing.  Some of them, including those related to construction noise, engine brakes and firearm discharge are already covered in existing by-laws, but until now other sources of intrusive noise including persistent barking dogs, ATV’s and dirt bikes and loud parties have remained unregulated.

Staff met with Inspector of Operations Dan Smith, Peterborough Police to review the complaints they have received and obtain feedback on the draft proposal.  According to Inspector Smith, the Peterborough Police Services have responded to 38 noise complaints in the Township of Cavan Monaghan since assuming responsibility for providing police services to the community in October 2015.  These complaints range from loud stereos, parties, vehicles, construction noise and other nuisance type calls related to noise that occasionally disturb township residents.  The lack of a noise By-law has restricted the officers’ ability to address noise issues except through the issue of warnings for repeat offenders.  The new Noise By-law provides definitive guidelines and enforcement options regarding noise complaints and was developed following the current City of Peterborough model.

Among the noise irritants addressed by the new legislation are noise from loud speakers, unmuffled engine exhaust or engine brakes, deliberate tire squealing, motor racing in an unauthorized area, construction noise and lawn mower operation outside prescribed times.    Excluded are noises generated by farm equipment and animals, approved parades and outdoor concerts, church bells, road and highway construction work and noise from snow removal equipment.

Fines start at $100 for the first offence and rise to $350 for the second offence.

Given the growth projections faced by the Township, it was felt it was time to establish an effective tool to control noise disturbances, and local enforcement officers now have a tool that will allow them to address these issues.  KG

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