Council Asks for 4-Way Stop in Mount Pleasant

As a result of public concerns raised to County Council, Peterborough County Public Works Department completed a Road Safety Audit for the intersection of County Road 9 (Mount Pleasant Road) and County Road 10.

This is formal and independent safety performance review of a road transportation project by an experienced team of safety specialists, addressing the safety for all road users. Following a review of the intersection assessment that was conducted in 2011, the Audit Team completed a full technical analysis of the intersection which included a 24-hour speed count and traffic volume, review of accident history and a 12-hour manual turning movement, as well as a Public Information Session.

The audit concluded that some safety measures were needed, particularly given the new development occurring near this intersection.  The recommended the installation of oversized stop/stop ahead signs, the addition of reminder speed zone signs, additional brushing at the intersection, and annual monitoring of traffic growth, among others things.

Council concurred with the recommendations but went a step further, agreeing with the township staff recommendation that 4-Way stop signs be installed at that intersection to allow safe pedestrian crossing in the area and has asked the County to add that to its list of safety precautions.  KG

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