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Photo Kathie Lycett – The power of Medd’s Mountain in winter.

Baby New Year

Within the winter woods, in the bed of the crackling creek, She awoke for the very first time.

Crying, as babies do.

For she was all alone, and hungry.

Above the trees, the last year flew by.

As they always do.

He heard her crying, but he was not flying solo, and, he had work to do.


With him are the souls of all those we remember. A few broken dreams, and broken hearts, but also the seeds of our successes, the newly built foundations of our future, and Princess Leia.

It’s going to be a very cuddly quilt.

The baby below knows nothing of him. She has no wings, yet.

But she has stopped crying.

Because she has found her gifts.

Hiding under the driftwood, they are only small rocks, but they have nice names:

Courageous Curiosity, Humble Honesty, Fearless Friendship, Infinite Imagination…

She is still hungry though, and she needs her people to find her.

Together we will feed her,

because she wants to share her gifts with us all.

By Kathie Lycett

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