COMMENT: Watch and Learn

Most of us have our fingers crossed that our good behavior over the past two months will soon be rewarded with more social “privileges” in the form of larger social gathering opportunities, some serious retail therapy and a real haircut before either of those two events.  In parts of the US, residents are already enjoying significantly more freedom than we are here, but the virus counts in some of those communities have begun to rise again.

We should not be too smug believing that we know better after witnessing the weekend’s crowds congregating at Toronto’s Trinity Bellwood Park.  While we may scorn this behavior of city folks flocking to parks in Toronto as the weather heats up, we have to admit- we kind of understand it: at this point most of us are feeling the need to see people we love in the flesh and not just virtually.   But we don’t really share the pain of our urban neighbours.  Most in our community have the benefit of backyards and green spaces where we can get out and get some fresh air and exercise.  Some have acres of space.  If you’re on a farm, you have lots of work to keep you busy and you probably flop into bed at the end of the day physically exhausted which is a lot more conducive to sleep than emotional exhaustion.

So we have to stay the course and behave, particularly once the door to the rest of the world is gently opened just a crack.  There are good things happening during this pandemic: family bonding, creative expression, less environmental destruction, more relaxing- alright maybe too relaxing- schedules.  Whether you’re fairy dusting, making masks or helping with homework, there are ways to connect.  Until we can join together for a soccer game or a community dinner, let’s keep finding ways to support each other and by doing so, ourselves.  KG

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