Comment – May 2021

Most of us have been missing things during the pandemic.  Hugs and laughs for a start.  Dining out, dressing up, in-person shopping for new shoes, golf clubs, home décor items, and even dinner parties are distant memories.  When this ends, and it will eventually, how will we adjust?  Will we party like they did in the Roaring Twenties?  Spend and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow?  Business owners are hoping there is a pent-up demand that explodes onto the scene, boosting their (mostly) sagging bottom lines, but will that happen, and if it does, will it last?  I’m not so sure.

Locked in our homes doing the right thing has given us plenty of time to rethink our priorities.  Do we want it all, or want none of it?  Our consumption patterns have shifted, and with them, maybe even our values.  One thing is for certain, our appreciation for the special people in our lives has grown.  We look forward to showing them how much they mean to us in person. That day is coming, but we still need some patience.  Hang in there.  KG

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