Comment – Canada: A Country of Collaborators


Justin Trudeau’s Canada is a more popular destination for those wanting a quick exit from the US than it was under his father Pierre when our country took in 40,000 draft dodgers eager to avoid another unpopular political position.  Communities including Toronto are beginning to push for more help to accommodate the influx while the province of Quebec is receiving a daily influx of 400 refugees.  Who can blame them for wanting to live here?

These days the attraction is more about attitude.  We are team players; for us it’s more than just live and let live, Canadians seek collaboration.  We want a win-win.  That’s what our Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and her team are pushing for in their negotiations with our mercurial neighbour.  On both sides of the border, her position is gaining support.  For the right terms, we’ll even let him call it a win–that’s how gracious we are.  We play the long game.  This weekend, we are reminded of how lucky we are to live here.  KG

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