Comment – August 2019

Stay Out of My Kitchen

We need to stop politicizing food: it should not be a source of moral superiority.  I’m all for choice – I understand picky eaters.  Just don’t tell me what I should eat and I promise I won’t tell you, either.  Remember that food labels are part of the producers’ marketing program and require careful reading.  For example, while Beyond Burger is vegan, it is not made of vegetables.  Its primary ingredients are water, pea protein isolate, canola oil and refined coconut oil.  Try to find some of these occurring in nature.  Fat and calorie comparisons for burgers made of this are similar to the same portion of ground beef, with both registering 20 g of protein per burger with roughly 290 calories and 20-23 g of fat.

Our daily food selections should make us look and feel better, so pick what works for you. I’ll toast your kale smoothie with my glass of homemade wine, and we’ll all feel good about our decisions.  Cheers!  KG

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