Come Spring, Come Gardeners!


Photo Grace Glass (with help from a drone).
The Community Garden recently has become the trail-head for the Millbrook Valley Trails: a great start and finish to a stroll through Our (still) Green and Pleasant Land.

If this tenacious winter has you down and while you are waiting for the first robin to appear, you might want to get a preview of things to come around the Old School.

“A Place to Sit” – is a wonderful little video available on Youtube, featuring one of the precious things our community has to offer.

You’re invited to come to the Millbrook Community Garden at the Old Public School, for our first work night on May 8th at 4 PM. It’s not much now, but just wait. When the sun comes out and the days grow warm, it will turn into a beautiful place to sit, to wander, to plant and to watch things grow.

The labyrinth and the orchard have become integral to the Garden, making it a true place to grow.  Quite unexpectedly, due to the work at the pond, the Garden recently has become the trail-head for the Millbrook Valley Trails: what a way to start and finish a stroll through our (still) Green and Pleasant Land!

The garden is starting its tenth year with an exciting new addition: the Garden Club has generously agreed to take over the center flower garden, and will perhaps surprise us with patches of color in other parts of the garden, too.

The vegetable part of the garden is dedicated to growing organic produce for the local Food Share, which is located steps away from our garden. This vegetable garden is in need of volunteers. The job description for this wildly enjoyable activity is: one night a week -Tuesday- approx. 4 to 8PM.  Snacks will be provided.

Photo Celia Hunter. Grace Glass in the Community Garden.

Just bring a spade, pitchfork, or a garden tool of some sort and join the garden crew.

The Community Garden also rents plots for growing your own vegetables, herbs and flowers.  There is a raised bed for those who find it difficult to bend or get down on their knees.

The rental of each plot is $5.00 for a small one (5x10ft.), $10.00 for a large plot, (10x10ft).

Come and get the dirt on organic gardening, no experience necessary: You grow as you grow!  Our spring start up meeting is May 8th, at 4pm. For information call or email Joanne Rowland at 932- 3214, email

By Grace Glass

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