Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail Continues to Gain Momentum

Photo Marjorie McDonald.
One of the striking blocks on the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail, the “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” block on Tapley 1/4 Line looks lovely in the winter snow. This block celebrates the Hodgkinson family home’s unique history as both a cottage industry for shoe making and a rural post office.

Grey clouds and snow may be sweeping across the township but our beautiful barn quilt blocks are shining as bright as ever.  In fact, the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail (CMBQT) project has continued to gain significant momentum and support throughout 2018 with 16 blocks installed thus far and more on the way in 2019.

The trail offers an educational, interactive and enjoyable experience that celebrates the people, history, and culture of our Township.   Driven by a team of passionate volunteers and support from the local community, the trail reflects our belief in the value and contribution of farm families, the importance of our historic roots and creativity of our local craftspeople.

Most residents have likely noticed a few of these colourful blocks during their travels. For those looking to see more, check out the website for great walking and driving tour route suggestions. Along the way, why not stop in for a little shopping and delicious holiday goodies at some of our local businesses?

Speaking of shopping, if you are looking for a unique and lasting holiday gift for someone on Santa’s “Nice” list, the CMBQT committee is always looking for barn and historical property owners who want to join our trail and tell their story through a beautiful quilt block.  For more detail, please contact: or

by Kristy O’Sullivan


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