Cavan Intersection Traffic Control Infrastructure Under Review by MTO

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained WSP Canada Group Limited to compete a Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for the intersection affectionately known as the “Four Corners” in Cavan.  Traffic at the intersection of Highway 7A and County Rd. 10 is approaching the limits for a stop sign which is the traffic control mechanism at the moment.

The intersection at Highway 7A and County Rd. 10 will be subject to some improvements to improve traffic safety.  Among the options which may be considered are traffic lights, a roundabout, approach road realignments, additional turning lanes or more street lights.  The project is being conducted as a Transportation Environmental Study.  The legislative process,requires two Public Information Centres (PICs) to allow the public an opportunity to review and comment on project details.

The first one is expected to be held during the development of intersection alternatives, where the community will be asked to provide input on the alternatives under consideration. The second public open house will be held later in the project and will provide an opportunity to present the evaluation of the intersection alternatives and the selection of the preferred plan. Input will also be sought on the potential environmental impacts and proposed mitigation.

According to the planning report, Township Staff support this re-evaluation of this intersection, noting that there are already issues at this intersection due to the location of existing buildings and structures, and the location and type of existing entrances to properties.  They hope the process will resolve some of these existing problems to facilitate redevelopment opportunities and allow the application of appropriate land use planning policies and regulations that respect both the character of the Hamlet as well as the safety of residents and travellers in the area.  The study may also re-examine the sidewalk and street lighting configuration in this area.  For more details on this project, visit  KG

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