Now & Then – January 2024

A lot of the time MCHS, your Historical Society, is the “go-to” resource when people want answers to questions like “who built my house?” or “where can I find my great-great grandfather’s headstone?” “Where do I find a photo of my shop on King Street when it was a saddlery?”… Continue reading

Regenerative Farming Techniques Designed to Mitigate Impact of Climate Change

Early in September, Norm Lamothe hosted another educational session in partnership with the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Associations at the family farm in Cavan. Roughly forty farmers, mostly young and female, joined the tour to learn about Norm’s latest experiment has he continues to explore ways to make their… Continue reading

Analysis of Fraserville Residential Proposal Begins at Peterborough County

At the December 6th 2021 Council meeting, Romspen Investment Corporation’s Managing Partner Richard Weldon introduced plans for their newly acquired property popularly knowns as Kawartha Downs. Weldon requested an endorsement of a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) request to expedite the planning process, as well as an indication of support for… Continue reading