How Do We Become God’s Faithful People?

In today’s world, tradespeople are highly valued. Qualifying as a skilled tradesperson is a lengthy process. After three years or more of college comes another two- or three-year apprenticeship, working beside a master of the trade. Covid-19 has made it safer to learn all we need to know on our… Continue reading

Raking Optional: Leave the Leaves!

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has launched a public awareness campaign asking people, in order to preserve, protect and enhance our quickly vanishing biodiversity, to not rake up leaves on lawns. It’s not clear why we seem to get this ingrained notion, almost an obsession that our lawns need to… Continue reading

Cavan-Monaghan Transfer Station

It’s always fun at the Cavan Monaghan Transfer Station with Scott and Tom.  To keep us all in the Hallowe’en spirit, Scott and Tom created a scary creature with found materials.  Go check it out!  And on a personal note, these two gentlemen are always so positive and helpful when… Continue reading

Baxter Creek: A Tale of Two Trout Streams

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, the stream was filled with trout, the stream was empty of trout, the water was cool and gentle, the water was warm and severe, anglers were full of hope, anglers were laden with doubt (with apologies to Charles… Continue reading