First Novel Secures Award for Author from Millbrook

Julie Joyce (nee Doner) began writing during her school days growing up on Zion Line south of town.  She became particularly enthralled by the popular TV series, The Gilmore Girls, but sometimes found the plot lines less than satisfactory.  With few friends sharing her interest in the show, she discovered… Continue reading

Cavan FC won the OWSL Central Region (East) Championship

In its inaugural season, Cavan FC won the Ontario Women’s’ Soccer League (OWSL) Central Region (East) Championship with 11 wins and 3 losses.  Team members from left to right: top row- Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe, Mikenna Huggins, Laura Davidson, Callie Bazak, Jennifer Powless, Samantha Gillingham, Kim Davidson;   bottom row- Zoe Harrington, Valerie… Continue reading

Moving On Up- Men’s Soccer Team Success Moves Team to Elite Division

The Men’s Football Club has only been competing in the Ontario Soccer League for three years, but what an impression they have made! In their first year, they placed second in the regional east division, moving up to a first place finish the following year.  As a result, the team… Continue reading

Pinewynd Farm Turns Back the Clock Raising Heritage Pigs

Tom Staples has gone back to his farming roots, raising heritage pigs on the family farm in Cavan. He takes an old-fashioned approach to his work: his pigs spend most of their days outdoors, touring the 96 acre property in the rolling hills, grazing on walnuts, apples, pears, grubs, roots,… Continue reading

Volunteers Plant Trees along Millpond Through TD Tree Days Program

On the morning if Saturday, September 14th, while many were attending the Grand Opening celebrations at the new Cavan Monaghan Community Centre, a group of more than fifty volunteers were down the hill participating with Otonabee Conservation Regional Authority (ORCA) staff planting native trees and shrubs as part of the… Continue reading

Children Play Games from 1819 at St. John’s Ida Event

Participating in a sack race on Sunday, September 8th, this was one of the many children who participated in races that were popular 200 years ago. The purpose of the children’s race day was to celebrate the 200 years St. John’s Anglican congregation has worshiped on top of the hill. … Continue reading

New Roman Catholic Priest Serves Millbrook Congregation

The Millbrook Diocese welcomed a new priest this summer. Father Antonio (Tony) Barol arrived in Millbrook at the end of June after a five year stint in Powassan just south of North Bay.  He joined the Peterborough Diocese in 1999 when he relocated from his home in the Philippines, joining… Continue reading

New Math Tutor Offers Help to Math- Challenged Students

There’s no doubt math is a challenging subject for many students.  The school board knows it, too.  In 2017, the Kawartha Pine Ridge School District launched a revised math strategy, prompted by falling math scores in provincial tests despite a focus on instruction in this subject.  Then Director of Education… Continue reading

The Deyell Monument

Millbrook is very lucky in having, and having retained, so many lovely buildings. The historically interesting buildings that immediately spring to mind are the Old School, several former hotels, and the former town hall, along with many other businesses and houses. Sadly, however, few people would think of the attractive… Continue reading