Decorating Committee

The Millbrook BIA Decorating Committee and some helping hands have been at work making wooden mitts for the winter planter arrangements and wooden poppies for a display at the Legion the early part of November. Seated, left to right: Nancy Robinson, Jeanne Shields; Standing, left to right: Sharon Roffey, Sue… Continue reading

New Christmas Farmers’ Market – Sunday November 24

If you haven’t already saved the date, mark your calendars now.  On Sunday November 24, the Millbrook Farmers’ Market will be hosting their first ever Christmas Market.  It’s shaping up to be a fun filled and festive event. Our original plan was to hold a traditional European-style outdoor market at… Continue reading

Help Honour Local War Veterans

Centreville Presbyterian Church in South Monaghan is the keeper of Millbrook Grace Presbyterian Church’s War Veterans’ Honour Roll.  We are reproducing these Honour Rolls as some soldiers were missed, even after identifying several “Barnardo Home” boys who were old enough to sign up.  We would like to fill in some… Continue reading

Thistles and Sticks for Christmas? 

Thistles and Sticks grew out of a desire of its owner Barb Newman to live simply; returning to our basic roots. Having spent a career painting houses, she was looking for a way to employ her creative energy by repurposing items that would otherwise be discarded, bringing them new life. … Continue reading

Fur Coats for Matilda in Nunatsiavut

Pictured is Rev. Peter Mills of Saint John’s Anglican Church in Ida, holding up his wife’s mink coat.  It is being donated to an Inuit artisan named Matilda Karpik.  Matilda lives in Nain which is a fly-in community (in the winter) at the very north end of the settled part… Continue reading

Where Are They Now? Jordan Cheyne Transforms his Love of Cycling into a Career

Ten years ago, former Millbrook Times owner and Editor Cathy Bond introduced readers to Jordan Cheyne, who picked up cycling at the age of 13 and by 17 was competing and winning long distance races across North America.  Raised in Millbrook, Jordan was spending his summers cycling with the Peterborough… Continue reading

The Highlands of Millbrook

The Highlands of Millbrook Sales Office held a sales event last month and are pushing forward to sell their remaining inventory of homes in the second phase of the development. The Phase 3 application is currently under consideration at the county level. Many residents have settled in, putting their mark… Continue reading