Water Rate Relief for Millbrook

After repeated complaints about water rates since the opening of the new treatment plant, Council directed staff to investigate ways to reduce them.  Rates had risen significantly in part because the new facility was subject to new legislative requirements for asset replacement reserves to ensure the sustainability of municipal assets. … Continue reading

Cavan Agri Services: Helping Generations of Farmers Grow Their Businesses

It’s basic math, applied to chemistry.  Crops use nutrients, absorbing them to fuel their growth.  When crops are harvested, these nutrients are harvested as well, leaving behind soil that has been depleted by its effort to feed the plants.   To maintain soil productivity, these nutrients must be replaced to allow… Continue reading

What’s On at Our Libraries – March 2019

  Spring is just around the corner, come and see what the CMLibraries has to offer! Warmer days are within reach, so this month’s Knit it Forward Club’s pattern is a beautiful market bag. Join us Saturday, March 2nd at 10:00am at our Millbrook Branch, or Saturday, March 23rd at… Continue reading