Hand-crafted, Tasteful Food and Gifts Offer a Nod to the Past at Millbrook Mercantile

The wait continues for the much-anticipated opening of the new business in the former antique shop called Millbrook Mercantile, now scheduled for September.  Owners Bernadette MacNeil and Lance Nachoff are feeling it, too, but they’ve been waiting even longer. The dream of opening a business in the food industry has… Continue reading

ZimArt Celebrates 20 Years

Pictured is a sculpture entitled “In Harmony”, created by this year’s ZimArt’s Artist-in-Residence Wimbai Ngoma.  The Gallery located at 855 2nd Line, Bailieboro is open for the season, with a 20th Anniversary kick-off party that was held Saturday, Aug. 3.  The gallery will be open from 11 am to 6pm… Continue reading

TAG – We’re It – Millbrook Invited to Join Toronto-Algonquin Greenway Project

Early last month, Toronto-Algonquin Greenway (TAG) Coordinator Pamela Marsales made a pitch to the Millbrook Business Improvement Association (BIA) executive to encourage Millbrook to join communities along a series of routes connecting Pearson International Airport with Algonquin Park to draw environmentally-friendly tourist traffic to the area. Greenway is a term… Continue reading

Millbrook Medical Centre – Community Asset or Liability?

Early last month, the Millbrook Medical Centre Board hosted their Annual General Meeting for an audience of one.  The poor showing perhaps reflects a lack of appreciation for the building’s unusual role in the community. The Millbrook Medical Centre was built in 1972.  A newly-minted General Practitioner, Dr. Van Loon… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – August 2019

Letter to the Editor: Through your paper, I am asking your readers to please be aware that Council is once again being asked to consider expanding the use of off-road vehicles onto township roads and road allowances.  I urge readers to contact your Council members if you feel that the… Continue reading