Self-Management Workshops Help Patients and Caregivers Address Chronic Health Issues

  The Central East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) which provides health care to our region, launched a series of six self-management workshops in 2016 designed by Stanford University to empower individuals with chronic health issues with the ability to take back a small measure of control over their physical… Continue reading

Farm Show

In addition to the shiny equipment encouraging dreams of better yields and more comfortable rides, there was also plenty of advice available regarding crops, farm finances, fertilizers, cattle breeds, maple syrup production and government support programs at the annual event.  For most attendees, the show also provided a welcome opportunity… Continue reading

2018 Winter Works in Belize

  The 2018 Belize Project involves three separate trips. The first trip; Andy Harjula travelled alone, because he had an opportunity to send 1500 pounds of donated clothing and soccer equipment to Belize by piggy-backing onto a Belize bound shipping container sent by Pastor Binda from Mississauga. The second trip… Continue reading

Overdose Prevention Sites Save Lives

In 2018 we find ourselves battling an opioid crisis that has been years in the making. Opioids are drugs that act on the nervous system to relieve pain and were originally derived from opium but now also include synthetic preparations. In the mid-1990s, their use by physicians was heavily promoted… Continue reading

50 Million Trees Project Helps Landowners Implement Large-Scale Tree Planting Projects

The Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree Program was inspired by global efforts to plant billions of trees worldwide each year, but has been designed with Ontario landowners in mind.  The objective is to plant 50 million trees by 2025, and so far more than 4,000 landowners have become involved in… Continue reading

It’s Time to Erase the Difference in Funding for Mental Health Care

It seems that the message that mental health is a serious and pervasive issue across the country is beginning to be heard, and that is good news.  It’s hard to address a problem you don’t recognize.  We’ve heard the statistics that one in five in Ontario will experience a mental… Continue reading

Local Filmmaker Entertains at Bailieboro Women’s Institute’s Spring Luncheon

More than 70 people attended the annual spring luncheon at Centreville Presbyterian Church hosted by the Bailieboro Women’s Institute.  After a hearty lunch prepared by members of the group, local radio host and filmmaker Megan Murphy took centre stage and regaled the crowd with a light-hearted and touching story about… Continue reading

For Colonic Cleansing, it’s Buyer Beware

In Thunder Bay, my public health colleagues have warned customers of two colonic cleansing locations to get tested for hepatitis B and C – infections that can be transmitted when instruments are not disinfected properly. But this warning, and the media investigations into this practice of instilling large quantities of… Continue reading