The habitable zone was redefined and zip we lost an exoplanet

A few years ago Pluto got its pink slip and dropped from a planet to dwarf planet. That may change shortly. So hang in there you Pluto buffs. Meanwhile Alex Glocer and Vladimir Airapetian, the gentlemen who discovered Proxima b have redefined what they call the habitable zone. That’s where… Continue reading

Call for Volunteers – Telecare

Telecare Peterborough celebrates 40 years of service and calls out for new volunteers. Telecare Peterborough volunteers have experienced the rewards of listening for 40 years. Training for new volunteers begins October 30th.  Late registration accepted until November 4th. Telecare Peterborough took its first call October 17, 1977.  Since then volunteers… Continue reading

Cold Wax and Oil Blend in Impressionistic Painting Demo at Galerie Q

Last weekend, Galerie Q hosted an afternoon event about oil painting techniques delivered by Toronto-based artist, Linda Woolven.  During the two hour session, Linda demonstrated how to paint with cold wax medium and oil on board, guiding her guests through her painting process from start to finish. With quick brush… Continue reading

Cavan Art Gallery Reopens With Art for Everyone

After a hiatus to address some construction issues, Valerie Kent’s art gallery and school is back in business in Cavan.    An energetic artist, teacher and art journalist, Kent continues to apply her extensive experience across the township and beyond, offering art classes for children and adults, hosting painting evenings at… Continue reading