WWII Vet Travelled with Bomb in his Pocket

In 1940, Ab Sinyard was approaching eighteen years of age in his home town of Deere Lake just outside Cornerbrook, Nfld.  His mother ran the local hotel and times were tight, so as soon as he was eligible, he enlisted with the Royal Air Force.  At the time, Newfoundland was… Continue reading

Remembrance Day Events

Remembrance Day Banquet at the Legion on Saturday, Nov. 4th at 6 pm Bethany Cenotaph Service on Sunday, November 5th in Bethany at 1:30 pm Millbrook Cenotaph Service on Saturday, November 11th in Millbrook at 10:45 am Remembrance Day Service on Saturday, November 11th at Centennial Place at 1:30 pm

Poppy Financial Report

ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BR. 402 POPPY FINANCIAL REPORT   Opening Balance Oct. 1, 2016 $1,606.22 Income from all sources 9,844.75 Subtotal (available balance) $11,450.97                                          Campaign Expenses Poppies and Wreath purchases $3,990.23 Youth education 450.00 Total Expenses $4,440.23   Disbursements Handicapped Door Opener $1,679.00   Homeless Veteran Fund Ontario… Continue reading

Our Debt of Gratitude to our Armed Forces Members

The next time you are stopped behind a high school bus, take a look at the students getting off- wearing earphones, joking with friends, or off in a world of their own.  Now imagine them in an armed forces uniform.  Young men like the late Clarence Munroe, Bailieboro resident Bill… Continue reading

Spontaneous Decision Prompted Bellinger’s Enlistment in WWII

For the late Cavan veteran Clarence Munro, joining the Armed Forces in Halifax in 1939 was the best option available.  At sixteen years of age, he had lost his parents and was supporting himself with the occasional casual work paying $1 for a ten-hour shift.  The Canadian Armed Forces were… Continue reading

Kawartha High School Bass Masters Earn Top Awards in Inaugural Year

Last year Crestwood students were introduced to a new club thanks to the efforts of Educational Assistant Curtis Cronkwright.  An avid fisherman, Cronkwright started a local youth extension of the Ontario Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society Nation, (Ontario BASS Nation) which is a grass-roots organization with 24 clubs across Ontario designed… Continue reading

The Community piles on for Food Share

Food Share Chair David Brackenridge is no longer surprised by the depth and breadth of support from our generous community when it comes to reaching out to those in need.  Donations to our local food bank come from all generations and community groups, and some of the most eager participants… Continue reading