Peterborough County Bursary Awards for Post-Secondary Studies

The County of Peterborough annually recognizes eligible students residing in the County of Peterborough (excluding the City of Peterborough) who have successfully completed Grade 12 and are continuing with post-secondary education. Bursaries are awarded to eligible students who meet the criteria based on the weighted ranking as established by County… Continue reading

A Look Inside of Millbrook New Classrooms

Hello Millbrook. The new classrooms at Millbrook South Cavan Public School are done and they look amazing! New classroom supplies have been added like a Smartboard, shelving, stand-up tables. and great space in the hallways to hang our coats and bags for the students here. Our new classroom has windows… Continue reading

Luxe Sugaring and Beauty Bar Opens in Millbrook

Hair removal is a service appreciated by both sexes and interest in this grooming service has been growing. These are some of the reasons that Jessica Grieve decided to head in this direction in her search for a part-time service business to launch in the area, veering away from her… Continue reading

Come Grow with Us at the Millbrook Community Garden

Spring of 2017 is just over the horizon and the Millbrook Community gardeners are beginning to feel that characteristic anticipation. After eight years, the present members are hoping to be joined by a new group of enthusiastic, visionary volunteers to carry on and perhaps introduce new directions and ideas. The… Continue reading

New Works by Local Artists on Display in Cobourg Venue

Next month an art show exhibiting work from two local artists will open at an unconventional location: the Edward Jones Financial office located at 3 King Street West in Cobourg. Jo Ellen Brydon and John Ireland will come together in a display of their work reminiscent of the days of… Continue reading

New Therapy Service in Town or in Your Home

Certified Bowtech Practitioner Susan Brettell introduced herself at last week’s BIA breakfast in a brief presentation about her plans to bring a gentle form of physical therapy developed in Australia to the community. For the last few years, Brettell has been delivering Bowen Therapy to clients from two treatment locations… Continue reading

Millbrook Farmers’ Market Returns

Sunday April 23 with More Market Dates As we welcome, with a sigh of relief, the mounting daylight hours, the appearance of new spring buds and the invigorating songbirds, so too we welcome the return of the Millbrook Farmers’ Market on April 23. After the snow/ice/cold/wind begins to slowly fade… Continue reading