What’s Happening at our Libraries?

Cavan Monaghan Libraries is joining Centennial Place in celebrating Easter! The Library in collaborating with Centennial Place’s Easter Egg Hunt! We will be offering a craft for each age group, and contributing to the prizes shared with the community. This is another way the Library is showing our support and… Continue reading

Don’t Fall Victim to Fraud

The Peterborough Police are reminding residents of the frequency and ferocity of scams in our neighbourhood, suggesting no matter how sophisticated we might be, we are all potential targets. One of the most intimidating fronts used by scammers is to suggest that they represent the Canada Revenue Agency. Crime prevention… Continue reading

Has the Time for Water Harvesting Arrived?

After last summer, homeowners, farmers and gardeners may be wondering what kind of weather conditions we can expect during the upcoming growing season. Those who have experienced water shortages might be getting more serious about the ancient process of collecting and storing rainwater for later use. It is a process… Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts to Prolong the Life of Your Septic System

Living in the country comes with many rewards, but also with more responsibilities. Our water may come from a tap, but we must also concern ourselves with where it comes from and where it goes from there. As is often the case, investing in a bit of prevention can save… Continue reading

Create Your Dream Job This Summer with Economic Development’s Summer Company

Peterborough Economic Development’s Business Advisory Centre is now accepting applications to the Summer Company program for 2017. This is a youth entrepreneurship program that connects youth ages 15-29 with training, mentorship and funding to start a summer business. This year 13 grants up to $3000 are available for students between… Continue reading

Cavan Teens Try Their Hands at Federal Politics

As you may have read in January’s issue of The Millbrook Times, my sister and I were chosen to attend the Forum for Young Canadians in Ottawa. Forum is an educational nonpartisan program that sends youth from across Canada to our nation’s capital for a week to learn about how… Continue reading