Between the Rock and the Hard Place – Comment – September 2020

We’ve been given a reprieve as school reopening has been pushed back a week.  It’s good news and bad for many parents.  For some it means another week of juggling work and home responsibilities, but for all it is evidence of careful thought at the board.   Now that teachers are physically together inside the school, the logistics of the school day are becoming more clear and safety concerns are crystalizing.  The school board’s response supports Minister Lecce’s assertion that school plans are “living documents” which will adapt to new evidence and taking further steps to protect the health and safety of school students and staff.  For that we are grateful.

The changes for secondary school students will be demanding for both students and teachers, but the challenge of maintaining focus on a single subject for an entire week will clearly reduce the risks.  Vigilance will be more critical than ever as we ease into a more normal life if we want to continue to move forward.  Thanks to everyone who is working to make this happen.  KG


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