ATV Decision Status

At the meeting of July 2nd, Council did not support the recommendations of staff report – Parks and Facilities-2019-12 Proposed off-road vehicle routes in the Township of Cavan Monaghan.

During the discussion with Council at that meeting, it was established that there were three distinct topics relative to ORVs in the Township:

  1. Providing connectivity for ORVs to travel along municipal roads from the Victoria Rail Trail, along Dranoel Rd., Fire Route 601, Fallis Line, Glamorgan Rd., to the section of Ganaraska Forest where ORVs are currently permitted between May 1st to November 30th;
  2. Opening municipal roads of Cavan Monaghan Township to ORVs, excluding those within the Village of Millbrook, County Roads, and Provincial Highways; and
  3. Opening municipal roads of the Village of Millbrook to ORVs, excluding County Roads.

At July 2nd Regular Council meeting Council directed staff to schedule an evening Public Meeting to gather public input and consultation on the proposed north/south off-road vehicle route connecting the Victoria Rail Trail to the Ganaraska Forest along the west side of the Township of Cavan Monaghan and to engage the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority and the City of Kawartha Lakes for comments on the proposed route.  The Special Council meeting was held on September 17th.

Based on the feedback received from that Special Council meeting and from additional information since received by staff and Council, staff will be bringing back a report to a future Council meeting, but it will not include a specific recommendation for Council.

It is anticipated that the next steps in the process will be established by the Council at that meeting, recognizing that there is no urgency in coming forward with a By-Law immediately, given that the Victoria Rail Trail, and Ganaraska Forest are closed to ORVs between December 1st and April 30th.

By Mayor Scott McFadden

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