Analysis of Fraserville Residential Proposal Begins at Peterborough County

At the December 6th 2021 Council meeting, Romspen Investment Corporation’s Managing Partner Richard Weldon introduced plans for their newly acquired property popularly knowns as Kawartha Downs.

Weldon requested an endorsement of a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) request to expedite the planning process, as well as an indication of support for their revitalization plans which include a significant residential development.  Support of the MZO was supported by a majority of Council members and received provincial approval in March 2022

The County is now in possession of a completed Plan of Subdivision and Official Plan amendments for the residential portion of the redevelopment plans and has begun its analysis.

The Property consists of 267 acres in an L shape running along Moore Dr. and County Rd 28.   Among the many existing features on this site are a commercial building, paved parking lots and driveways, a 3/8-mile paved racetrack, vacant fields and a section of provincially-significant wetland known as the Cavan Creek wetland.

The application proposes a total of 517 residential units, down from the original 588.  Of them, 328 are single detached, 66 are semi-detached and 123 are townhouses.  The majority of the homes would access the subdivision from Moore Drive, with 52 of the single detached homes entering from County Rd. 28.

Among the many supporting studies in the application, ones dealing with water draw the most interest given the history of development plans for Fraserville.  The October 2021 Cambiun report examining water servicing feasibility concluded that after examining on-site and nearby production wells, no suitable on-site supply existed to support the redevelopment plans.  It recommended that the owner find an off-site supply to address their needs.

The property is currently serviced by a cistern filled with hauled water and a wastewater treatment plant where waste water is hauled for off-site disposal at a municipal waste water treatment facility.

A May 2022 report by Clearford Water Systems indicates that the proponents for the site development have purchased a property on Moore Road abutting a municipally-owned property on Syer line which may provide the water they need. This supply source was undergoing yield tests to determine the safe rate of supply.  It is located approximately 5 km from the Kawartha Downs property.  The conclusion of the report however indicates that water will be municipally-sourced water from a neighbouring property.

The proponents plan to build an off-site groundwater treatment and supply system which would ultimately be transferred to the municipality.  An on-site water storage facility may be established to ensure enough water is available to meet peak demand that might be challenged by the transmission process.

Despite the expedited zoning order, the review process remains quite lengthy as variety of stakeholders provide feedback.  A public meeting will give residents that opportunity as well. KG

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