A Virtual Book Launch for Janet Stobie’s New Book

Janet Stobie is launching a new book this month called Breakthrough Moments.

It’s her second short story collection for adult readers and is divided into occasions- some religious and some secular, like Mother’s Day.  Each segment begins with a scripture passage, followed by a story designed to clarify and bring deeper understanding of the message.  It could be told from the perspective of one of the characters in the reading, providing personal perspective, background and context to the scripture.   The story becomes more real and hopefully more illuminating for the reader.

The intention is to unveil the wisdom in the Bible which can often be difficult for current readers to discern.  Stobie believes the Bible speaks to us, but some of us need some help to hear its message.  She reminds us that the original written version of the Book was written 70 years after the events described in the New Testament actually took place.  The subsequent transcriptions and translations are compared to a very long telephone line, where underlying messages are easily obscured.  The title expresses the author’s hope for this book: that it leads to “aha!’ moments where readers acquire a deeper understanding of God’s message.   She hopes that as people read the stories, they will feel God break through their old understandings of the Bible stories and acquire new insights into God’s love and acceptance.

Instead of book tours and readings, this book will be launched virtually.  At 7 pm on November 28th, Stobie will be joined in a Zoom presentation by Linnea Good in Vancouver. An award-winning “Musical Animator” and well-known faith singer/songwriter, Good applies her talents to helping people give voice to their spirituality.  Many of her hymns can be found in current use in churches across Canada.  The launch presentation will be available after the fact on youtube.

In the launch, Good will read a passage of scripture featured in one of the stories and then the two women will discuss it.  A chat line will also be available for listeners to contribute their own questions and comments.  Those who register for the chat line will be eligible for a chance to win a free book by the author.  The link to the event will be posted on the author’s Facebook page and her website, www.janetstobie.com.

Janet Stobie retired as a United Church minister in 2003, and her last charge was serving congregations in Bethany and Pontypool.  She has embraced her new ministry of writing and is as engaged as ever in spreading the Christian faith.  Her husband Tom quips that she has “failed” retirement, but he remains an ardent supporter, even taking on the first editing of each book.   She’s working on number ten now.  Clearly they have a very strong relationship!

Stobie also writes a regular column for this paper and has a weekly newsletter where she provides words of inspiration and encouragement based on her faith which are relevant, practical and accessible.

To learn more about this author, visit www.janetstobie.com. All of her books are available on Amazon.   KG

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