A Glimpse into Towerhill 2.0

After years in the works, a revised plan of subdivision application for Phase 2 of the Towerhill Subdivision was published last week, providing a look at the developer’s vision for the next phase of the Highlands of Millbrook, in planning documents referred to as Towerhill North.

The proposal is now in the hands of township and county planning staff.

In its planning justification report prepared for the developer in June by Innovative Planning Solutions, the second phase encompasses 128.75 A with frontages on Fallis Line and County Rd. 10 much of which is behind and around the Community Centre and the township offices.  In that space the proposal is to add 765 residential units to complete the development of the Towerhill Master Planned Community, bringing the total for the combined development to 1110 units in the 224.85 A parcel upon completion.

Of the new units, 245 are townhouses on 20-15 foot lots, 325 are single detached homes and 192 residential apartment units. Two condominium buildings incorporating 128 units in total connected through a landscaped open space and are served by a parking area with a ratio of 1.5 spaces per residence.  One of the final two apartment buildings will be an active seniors living apartment and the second will provide assisted seniors’ living accommodation.

The objective of this mix of offerings is to diversify housing options in the community.  The report describes the mix as providing “generational housing” within the community, providing allowing first-time buyers with more reasonably-priced housing options and options for local seniors to downsize within the community.  The housing density in the plan also maximizes the use of infrastructure including existing water service facilities.

The design sets the premium, low density, single-detached homes on the periphery of the site, with townhouses on the interior and apartments abutting the institutional lands beside and behind the township buildings.

Many changes are required to allow the project to proceed as outlined.  Among them are Settlement Area boundary changes, zoning and Official Plan amendments and a realignment of a watercourse to increase the amount of develop-able land in the site.  This realignment has received approval from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans after extensive studies and mandatory mitigation efforts to protect the watercourse and its inhabitants.

The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board has confirmed that a designated block on the west side of the planned subdivision is a suitable option for future development of a school.   Based on the consultant’s analysis, Phase 2 could house an additional 1760 residents.

Of course it is early days for this project, with many opportunities for revisions, but now there’s a starting point.

To see the plan and supporting studies and reports, visit the township website and search for Plan of Subdivision 15T-18002.

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