4th Line Theatre hosts Christmas-themed Reminiscence


4th Line Theatre’s Managing Artistic Director Kim Blackwell invites members of the community to join her for an afternoon of winter memories and reminiscences of Christmases past, with an eye to creating a Christmas-themed show in the near future. Renowned Canadian Playwright Beverley Cooper is happy to be working with 4th Line to create a Christmas show derived from local stories and memories. Please join 4th Line and bring your best Christmas stories, memories of blizzards, personal experiences, recollections and photographs.

Community reminiscences are an important part of 4th Line Theatre’s New Play Development Program and its ongoing historical research. This public reminiscence will take place on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at The Millbrook Manor, located on 2 Manor Drive, Millbrook.

Managing Artistic Director Kim Blackwell stresses the importance of these events to 4th Line Theatre’s mandate, “Reminiscences give us first-hand accounts of our history and are an essential part of developing our plays. Without this research our productions would not have the historical authenticity and realism our patrons have come to expect from us.” Past productions developed through reminiscences include Ian McLachlan and Robert Winslow’s Doctor Barnardo’s Children, Leanna Brodie’s Schoolhouse, Alex Poch-Goldin’s The Right Road to Pontypool and Poch-Goldin’s The Bad Luck Bank Robbers.

4th Line Theatre is committed to preserving and promoting our Canadian cultural heritage through the development and presentation of regionally-based, environmentally-staged historical drama. KG

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