John Fallissmallby John Fallis, Mayor, Cavan Monaghan Towship

Opinions expressed here are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Council or staff.

Thank you to the Times for providing this opportunity for Members of Cavan Monaghan Council to communicate with our residents.
The Brackenridge Family of Squirrel Creek Farm hosted First Tapping on Saturday. It provided an opportunity to celebrate a Canadian tradition as well as to learn how this farm sector is evolving. The air was fresh and most of the people I spoke to were looking forward to spring and the opportunity to put away shovels, snowblowers or snowploughs and sanders.All were looking forward to this year’s Maple Syrup.
For Council, spring is associated with the completion of the Budget. We expect to approve our 2013 Budget at the Final Public Budget Meeting March 19th,  at 7:00 PM. On March 11th, at 9:30 AM, we will be receiving the final Report on the Service Delivery Review which will inform decision making well beyond this year’s budget. Nigel Bellchamber of N. G. Bellchamber and Associates is an engaging speaker and will be taking questions from the public as well as Council. If you attend only one Council meeting this year, I would suggest that this would be an excellent choice. For those who cannot attend, we will be live streaming the meeting on the Township website. Our updated websiteprovides the background information for the budget to date.
The Service Delivery Review was prompted by Council’s desire to deal effectively with the potential loss of revenue to the Municipality as a result of the termination of the Slots at Racetracks Program. Council and Staff are still committed to working to maintain gaming in Cavan Monaghan. The decision as to whether gaming at Kawartha Downs will continue and expand to include a casino or whether a new casino will be built elsewhere in the Peterborough area is in the hands of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. March 7th, is the closing date for OLG’s request for proposals to identify qualified individuals or groups to participate in bidding to build the next generation of gaming. After qualified participants have been identified, Requests for Proposals will go out.
As some of you are aware, the City Of Peterborough is holding a Planning Committee Meeting March 5th, to hear input and discuss the City’s Report, Land Use Planning Documents for a Proposed Casino. This is of interest to Cavan Monaghan residents, as one of the proposed options was to plan for a possible Casino in Cavan Monaghan at the Five Mile Turn, Lansdowne Street West at Highway 7. Council discussed the issue at Monday March 4th’s Meeting and continuesto support gaming at theKawartha Downs location. The Chief Administrative Officer’s report to Council pointed out that Cavan Monaghan’s Official Plan, which is awaiting approval by the County, refers to the possibility of an agreement with the City to service the North Monaghan Employment Area; but that any servicing agreement would not imply annexation. Such an agreement would allow development to create jobs for the whole area, not just one municipality.Research by Deputy Mayor McFadden indicates that there are at least two Casinos or Slots facilities other than Kawartha Downs that do not rely on Municipal services.
 Council supported recommendations that Staff continue to engage in dialogue with City of Peterborough Staff regarding partnership opportunities; and that the CAO’s Report be forwarded to theCity’s Planning Committee Meeting of March 5th. As well Council voted to ask the City Council if it would consider a joint committee of the City, the County and Cavan Monaghan to work together. The Deputy Mayor and I will be attending the City of Peterborough Planning Meeting as delegates Tuesday night.

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