2018 Fair Results – Homecraft



Date Nut Loaf- 1st-Gayle Martin  2nd-Judy Churcher

Dinner Rolls – 1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Katherine Moniz

Sticky Buns-1st-Katherine Moniz 2nd-Lois Moffatt

Rhubarb Streusel  Muffins-1st-Judy Churcher 2nd-Lois Moffatt

Carrot Pineapple Muffins- 1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Leilani Howard

Scones-1st- Lois Moffatt

Chocolate Brownies- 1st-Lois Moffatt

Favorite Fudge- 1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Brain Injury Assoc 3rd-Gayle Martin

Chocolate Macaroons- 1st-Katherine Moniz

Chocoolate Chip Cookies- 1st-Brain Injury Assoc. 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Leilani Howard

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies- 1st-Rosie Douma 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Brain Injury Assoc

Shortbread Cookies- 1st– Katherine Moniz

Coconut Jam Tarts-1st-Lois Moffatt

Date Squares-1st-Judy Churcher 2nd-Gayle Martin

Favorite Square-1st-Judy Churcher 2nd-Gayle Martin 3rd-Leilani Howard

Baking Specials

Rhubarb Pie-1st– Rosie Douma

Apple Pie- 1st-Rosie Douma 2nd-Phil Mette

Mixed Fruit Pie -1st-Judy Churcher

Raisin Pie- 1st-Judy Churcher

Strawberry/Rhubarb Pie-1st-Judy Churcher

Chocolate Cake-1st-Katherine Moniz 2nd-Gayle Martin 3rd-Katherine Moniz

Banana Cake- 1st-Phil Mette 2nd-Kathy Clodd 3rd-Jusy Churcher

Carrot Cake- 1st-Gayle Martin   2nd Kathy Clodd 3rd-Judy Churcher

Coffee Cake-1st-Kathy Clodd 2nd-Judy Churcher 3rd-Gayle Martin

Orange Poppy Seed Cake-1st-Leilani Howard 2nd-Kathy Clodd

Fruit Loaf-1st-Kathy Clodd 2nd-Lois Moffatt

Robin Hood Pineaplle Upside Down Cake-1st-Rosie Douma

Oaas Butter Tarts 1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Judy Churcher 3rd-Katherine Moniz

Molasses Cookies- 1st– Judy Churcher 2nd-Lois Moffatt

Cake W/ Molasses-1st-Gayle Martin 2nd-Judy Churcher


Crosby’s Bbq Sauce-1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Michele Crawford

Cooked Salad Dressing-1st– Judy Churcher

Chili Sauce- 1st-Judy Churcher

Salsa- 1st-Michele Crawford

Corn Relish-1st-Kathy Clodd

Bread & Butter Pickles- 1stmichele Crawford

Meat Relish- 1st– Michele Crawford

Dill Pickles- 1st-Michele Crawford

Pickled Beets- 1st-Michele Crawford

Strawwberry Rhubarb Jam-1st-Judy Churcher 2nd-Kathy Clodd 3rd-Michele Crawford

Rhubarb Sauce- 1st–Judy Churcher

Dessert In A Jar- 1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Brain Injury Assoc 3rd-Kathy Clodd

Soup Mix In A Jar-1st-Judy Churcher 2nd-Brain Injury Assoc

Bernardin Red Pepper Jelly-1st-Michele Crawford

Bernardin Mason Jar Craft-Sue Vanhoudt

Best Home Canner-Michele Crawford

Maple Syrup Specials

Golden Maple Syrup-1st-Lorne Rothenbush 2nd-Rob Rogoski

Amber Maple Syrup-1st-Steve Gibson 2nd-Lorne Rothenbush 3rd– Keith Schultz

Dark Maple Syrup-1st-Steve Gibson 2nd-Lorne Rothenbush 3rd-Keith Schultz

4h Mapl E Syrup-Abigial Shaw

Maple Syrup Butter Tarts-1st-Lois Moffatt

Cookies With Maple Syrup-1st-Michele Crawford

Maple Muffins-1st-Rosie Douma 2nd-Gayle Martin 3rd-Kathy Clodd

Maple Fudge-1st-Gayle Martin 2nd-Lois Moffatt


Small Knitted- 1st- Lois Moffatt 2nd-Michele Crawford

Small Needlework- Lois Moffatt

Usual Counted Cross Stitch- 1st- Lois Moffatt  2nd-Kathy Clodd 3rd-Michele Crawford

Small Crocheted- 1st- Lois Moffatt  2nd-Brain Injury Assoc

Plastic Canvas- 1st-Kathy Clodd  2nd-Gala Robinson 3rd-Michele Crawford

Quilted- 1st- Lois Moffat 2nd-Michele Crawford

Small Sewn- 1st- Gala Robinson  2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Michele Crawford

Made From Felt-1st-Kathy Clodd 2nd-Michele Crawford 3rd-Lois Moffatt

Small Beads-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Lois Moffatt  3rd-Brain Injury Assoc.

Embroidery- 1st- Lois Moffatt

Cross Stitch Picture- Kathy Clodd

Wall Hanging-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Kathy Clodd

Machine Quilt- Michele Crawford

Large Crocheted-1st-Lois Moffatt

Large Knitted-1st-Lois Moffatt

Large Sewn-1st-Gala Robinson 2nd-Michele Crawford 3rd-Lois Moffatt

Woodworking-1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Brain Injury Assoc.

Folk Art-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Sue Van Houdt

Door Decoration-1st-Sue Van Houdt  2nd-Kathy Clodd 3rd-Michele Crawford

Paper Craft-1st-Judy Churcher 2nd-Michele Crawford 3rd-Brain Injury Assoc

Craft Of Favorite Animal-1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Michele Crawford

Decorated Wooden Article-1st– Brain Injury Assoc 2nd-Pat Rose 3rd-Sue Van Houdt

Bazaar Item Under $5.00-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Gala Robinson

Bazaar Over $5.00-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Gala Robinson

Clay Pots-1st-Kathy Clodd 2nd-Michele Crawford 3rd-Lois Moffatt

Recycled-1st– Kathy Clodd 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Lois Moffatt

Potpourri-1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Michele Crawford 3rd-Sue Van Houdt

Decoupage-1st-Kathy Clodd 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Judy Churcher

Decorate A Basket-1st-Sue Van Houdt 2nd-Kathy Clodd 3rd-Lois Moffatt

Plants & Flowers

Dried Flower Arrangement-1st-Michele Crawford  2nd-Sue Van Houdt

Spring Glory-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Sue Van Houdt

Tool Time-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Kathy Clodd

Basket For Home-Michele Crawford

Express Yourself-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Lois Moffatt

African Violet-1st-Michele Crawford

Non-Flowering Plant-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Kathy Clodd

House Plant In Bloom-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Michele Crawford

Outdoor Planter-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Norine Edgerton

Hanging Ivy-Michele Crawford

Cactus-Michele Crawford

Aloe-1st-Michele Crawford

Iris-1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Michele Crawford 3rd-Pat Rose

Coleus-1st-Michele Crawford

Begonia-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Micehle Crawford


Beauty Of Nature-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Janet Martin 3rd-Sue Van Houdt

Shorelines-1st-Ann Lane 2nd-Pat Rose 3rd-Janet Martin

Favorite Colour-1st-Ann Lane 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Janet Martin

Blooming Yards-1st-Ann Lane 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Part Rose

Family Time At Christmas-1st-Ann Lane 2nd-Janet Martin 3rd-Pat Rose

Close-Up-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Ann Lane 3rd-Janet Martin

Black & White-1st-Janet Martin 2nd-Pat Rose 3rd-Sue Vanhoudt

Events At The Millbrook Fair –1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Ann Lane

Celebrating Our Country-1st-Leilani Howard 2nd-Janet Martin 3rd-Ann Lane

Photographers Choice-1st-Sue Van Houdt 2nd-Janet Martin 3rd-Pat Rose

Sports Action-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Sue Van Houdt 3rd-Janet Martin

Remember When-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Shyanna Post 3rd-Ann Lane

Unique Angle-1st-Ann Lane 2nd-Janet Martin 3rd-Sue Van Houdt

Rustic Door-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Janet Martin 3rd-Sue Van Houdt

Scrapbook Page-1st-Pat Rose 2nd-Losi Moffatt 3rd-Sue Van Houdt\

Photo Montage-1st-Janet Martin 2nd-Lielaini Howard 3rd-Sue Van Houdt

On The Farm-1st-Olivia Lane 2nd-Shyanna Post 3rd-Evan Lann

Something I Like- 1st-Evan Lane 2nd-Olivia Lane 3rd-Deacon Bellemy

Something Funny- 1st-Shyanna Post 2nd-Evan Lane 3rd-Olivia  Lane

My Vacation-1st-Olivia Lane 2nd-Evan Lane 3rd-Duke Howard

Special Friend-1st-Olivia Lane 2nd-Evan Lane 3rd-Shyanna Post

Sports Action-1st-Evan Lane 2nd-Olivia Lane 3rd-Shyanna Post

Photo Of Favorite Animal-1st-Olivia Lane 2nd-Evan Lane 3rd-Duke Howard

Favorite Photo-1st-Olivia Lane 2nd-Evan Lane 3rd-Deacon Bellemy

7 Day Photo Challenge-1st-Evan Lane 2nd-Olivia Lane

Golden Age

Crocheted- 1st-Lois  Moffatt

Knitted-1st-Lois Moffatt

Bazaar Item-1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Michele Crawford 3rd-Pat Rose

Article From Nature- Lois Moffatt

Sewing Room Scraps-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Lois Moffatt

Decorated Picture Frame-1st-Kathy Clodd 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Pat Rose

Craft From A Kit-1st-Kathy Clodd 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Michele Crawford

Collection Of Buttons-1st-Lois Moffatt 2nd-Pat Rose 3rd-Michele Crawford

Christmas Novelty-1st-Michele Crawford 2nd-Lois Moffatt 3rd-Pat Rose

Youth Talents

Duct Tape Creation-1st-Elizabeth Gascon 2nd-Erik Gascon 3rd-Noemie Lamonthe

Mason Jar Acquarium-1st-Duke Howard 2nd-Evelyn Jackson 3rd-Henry Jackson

Vase Made From Recycled-Noemie Lamonthe

Treasure Map-1st-Duke Howard 2nd-Henry Jackson 3rd-Evelyn Jackson

Jewerly Loom-1st-Erik Gascon 2nd-Caeliegh M

Small Craft-1st-Noemie Lamonthe 2nd-Alec Lamonthe 3rd-Miller Adamson

Granparent/Child-1st-Shophie Haas 2nd-Erik Gascon 3rd-Maeve Pearce

Lego Vehicle-1st-Duke Howard 2nd-Elizabeth Gascon 3rd-Erik Gascon

Favorite School Projuect-1st-Elizabeth Gascon 2nd-Erik Gascon

Millbrook Fair Poster- Class A- Duke Howard

Class B- Budd Howard

Humaine Society Poster-1st-Kaia  2nd-Hannah 3rd-Adelaide

From North Cavan Public School


The Homecraft Committee Would Like To Thank All Our Volunteers, Exhibitors, Sponsors And Bidders Of The Auction Of Our Prize Winning Baked Goods.

Your Participation Is Greatly Appreciated Which Makes Our Fair A Oustanding  Success.

The  Home Craft Committee Are  Looking Forward To Next Year.

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