Take Your Mother on a Studio Tour for Mother’s Day


Celebrate your mother by showing her some beautiful countryside and introducing her to local artists in their own studios during the Mother’s Day weekend.

The Rolling Hills Studio Tour covers local venues featuring 12 artists in the Bethany area which will open their doors from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th .

At the Williams Design Studio in “downtown” Bethany, Paul and Beverley are celebrating 40 years in this lovely little town. Their studio, gallery and Secret Garden will be open featuring some of Paul’s beautiful fountains running in more than ten different water features. The children will enjoy trying to count the colourful goldfish in the big pond along with the frogs and find the faeries that are hidden among the flowers.

Beverley will be demonstrating the technique of wood-burning on hard-shelled gourds. This is a dying art but fascinating as when the gourds are green in the fall they can be eaten, but after they spend the winter months drying out, the skin thickens and becomes as hard as wood. They can be decorated with carvings, drawings or paint, or with cut-outs to form a pattern. Gourds have been used for millennia by native cultures to store grains etc.

This studio will also host guest artist William Boyd Fraser, who loves exploring a variety of media. His teaching experience on Baffin Island exposed him to the sculpture and artistic sensibility of the First Nations’ cultures which is reflected in his own sculptural work. Work from Omemee photographers Walter and Peggy Cracknell reflect a variety of landscapes from across North America including detailed rock formations that take on an architectural slant. Recent productions of carved soap stone figures from Sandy Cline will also be on display.

Come and appreciate the wide variety of art forms, from pottery to textiles, stone and metal sculpture, photography, handmade jewellery and paintings on canvas and feathers. There will be something for everyone and their mothers. KG

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