Peterborough County Launches Solar Ambulance Pilot Project


Last month, Peterborough County introduced a solar ambulance pilot project in conjunction with Peterborough County City Paramedics (PCCP), a Paramedic Service first in Canada.

In an effort to reach or exceed the 26% Green House Gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal outlined in the County of Peterborough Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP), Peterborough County has partnered with Acetech and ICLEI Canada to install roof-mounted solar panels to operate on-vehicle systems and monitor energy consumption and GHG emissions. Data from one solar-outfitted 24-hour vehicle will be compared with a standard control 24-hour vehicle in regards to runtime, distance travelled, speed travelled, idle time, weather, issues and more, allowing us to measure potential GHG emission reductions on a fleet-wide implementation. Furthermore, the usage of solar to power the vehicle systems will reduce the required electrical charge as the base, thereby decreasing the building electrical usage as well. KG

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