Municipal Council Grant Program Resurrected


Several years ago, Council shut down the popular Community Funding Grant program, where the municipality provided financial support for one-time funding requests to local organizations providing a benefit to the community in a social, recreational, cultural or humanitarian aspect. In early February, Council renamed the program which is now called the Municipal Council Grant (MCG) and contributed $10,000 from the 2017 capital budget to the current reserve level to $74,461.

The objective of the program is to support the wide variety of programs and services provided by volunteers independently and through various not-for-profit community organizations that enhance the quality of life for citizens and complement and supplement programs that cannot be delivered by the Township for many reasons.  Council sees this resurrected program as evidence of their commitment to supporting these volunteer individuals and organizations that provide beneficial programs and services to the community. The Municipal grant support targets not-for-profit organizations serving primarily Township residents, but those with broader mandates may also be considered.

On May 1st, a new application form and process was posted to the township website, outlining the eligibility of organizations, projects and expenditures which would be considered under the revised program.   Once vetted for eligibility, requests must be presented by a delegation to Council for final approval.

Requests must come from a not-for-profit community group or organization, support an event or service that provide community benefits through promotion, recreation, culture, environmental or humanitarian efforts, must fund a capital or one-time expense. The program is not designed to fund ongoing expenses including staffing, debt reduction, donations to a charitable cause or to a political party.

The intention is to allocate $10,000 to the Municipal Council Grant Reserve each year during the Capital Budget process to ensure a minimum funding level available each year for application consideration.

For full details, visit the Economic and Community Development Department or the Township’s website at KG

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