Dave Gilmore is Troughman


By Karen Graham

These days, Dave Gilmore talks faster than he moves, thanks to several knee surgeries that have slowed his pace a bit. That has not translated into a slower pace for his construction business though, which continues to expand.   For the past six years, Dave has owned and operated the business known as Troughman, but he brings over 40 years of experience in the construction and renovation business to each job the firm completes.

Dave Gilmore, a.k.a "Troughman" sits still for a moment. Photo: Karen Graham

Dave Gilmore, a.k.a “Troughman” sits still for a moment. Photo: Karen Graham

Dave’s construction experience began when he was a teenager working in his step father’s business in Oshawa for a summer job.  He loved the action, the variety and working outdoors.  After high school, he graduated from Durham College with a diploma in computer technology, but after a few months in the industry he realized it wasn’t for him.  Not only did he prefer construction work, he concluded it was much more lucrative as well.  Like many young people, Dave moved out west to make his mark, but after a few years there, opportunities evaporated with the arrival of the 1981 recession, so he returned to Oshawa, with a brand new truck as evidence of his success in Alberta.  He joined Ontario Home Improvement, a construction firm with operations across the province where he worked for several years.  Wanting more independence and control over the work he performed, he and their top salesman set off on their own, and together they operated a construction and renovation business specializing in eaves trough, siding, window replacement and custom trim work.  During that time, Dave applied his skills on his own behalf as well, purchasing fixer-upper houses in the Oshawa area, which he would renovate in his spare time and then sell.

For 25 years they worked together, with Dave organizing, hiring staff and completing the jobs sold by his partner.  Six years ago they parted ways, and Dave was eager to focus his efforts in the community where he was living and raising a family.  After living in the Millbrook area for 21 years, it just made sense to build a business in his home community.  It was a slow start for the first year, and until recently Troughman was primarily a seasonal business with the focus on decks and exterior improvements.  They now service an area reaching Durham, Peterborough and the Kawartha area, providing quality workmanship delivered by employees instead of sub-contractors.

They are seasoned experts when it comes to the installation of long lengths of seamless eaves trough, new siding and replacement windows and doors.  They install Canadian manufactured North Star windows which come with a lifetime warranty, even on the glass.   Vinyl siding and soffit products come with a 50 year warranty as well.  The firm now takes on complete room renovation projects such as recreation rooms, in-law apartments and bedrooms to keep his crews busy during the winter months as well. For more information about this local business, visit www.troughmanrenovations.com.

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